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 Hyundai Accent
 from 74.00 €/day
 Peugeot 307
 from 62.00 €/day
Skoda Fabia Hatchback 1.4
 Skoda Fabia Hatchback 1.4
 from 42.00 €/day
  Old Havana
  from 31.00 €/night
  from 27.00 €/night
  Cayo Coco
  from 54.00 €/night
  Cayo Largo
  from 73.00 €/night
  Santiago de Cuba
  from 24.00 €/night
  Cayo Guillermo
  from 70.00 €/night

Throughout the year we are occasionally offered very special rates on certain travel services or vacation package items. When this happens we lower our rates to match the special rates we are obtaining and place these services in the deals section.

  Old Havana   from $31.00
  Varadero   from $27.00
  Melia Varadero hotel. hotel.   from $145.00
  Name unavailable   from $491.00
  Name unavailable   from $583.00
  Name unavailable   from $898.00
  Melia Varadero   from $101.00
  Melia Varadero   from $42.00
  Melia Varadero   from $74.00
  Melia Varadero   from $45.00
  Melia Varadero   from $125.00
  Melia Varadero   from $41.00
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Other Destinations
  Melia Varadero
  from 101.00 €/day
  Melia Varadero
  from 42.00 €/day
  Melia Varadero
  from 74.00 €/day
  Melia Varadero
  from 62.00 €/day
  Melia Varadero
  from 42.00 €/day

 RT Madrid - Havana City 537.00 €
 RT Madrid - Varadero 555.00 €
 RT Caracas - Havana City 355.00 €
 RT London - Havana City 636.00 €
 RT Bogotá - Havana City 360.00 €
 RT Havana City-Nassau 304.00 €
 RT Havana City-Nassau 304.00 €


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